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Flexible, Affordable, Accessible

Universal Care Training specialises in providing flexible, affordable and accessible training solutions for workers, volunteers, trainers and management in the Australian Care Sector including Aged Care, Disability Care, Home Care, & Community Care.

All of our eLearning courses and other training resources are developed with in-depth industry consultation and feedback. All courses are designed to be friendly for learners to use with easy to understand feedback. 

We also go one big step further...

We offer a number of ways you can access, use and manage the eLearning courses. Also very flexible and affordable. These options have been developed specifically to support the needs of both the learner and employers responsible for the ongoing learning & development of workers and volunteers. See below for more information about the various options available.

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Extensive Library of Courses

Many Course Titles & Growing!

We have developed an extensive range of eLearning Courses. A comprehensive library of flexible, online and interactive course topics suitable for most care sector workers, other employees and volunteers.

Many courses include videos and visual interactions. All include key points of information and knowledge-based quizzes as part of evidence based learning. Plus... we are always developing new courses based on customer feedback and other trends!

As an added bonus, many courses are based on Care Sector related Nationally Recognised Units of Competency and Qualifications, although simplified. Other courses have been developed as part of ongoing collaboration, demand and feedback from our customers who are business owners, management, L&D staff and other care sector workers.

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Suitable For Many Uses

Professional Development, Refreshers, Compliance, Training

The eLearning courses are suitable for a variety of training needs.

Professional development, refreshers, introductory training, resources for your own trainers, or to potentially assist with a range of compliance and other needs... are just a few examples!

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Choose the option that best meets your needs!

UNLIMITED Use - Plus Access to ALL Courses in Our Library!
Excellent Value Plans Available For 1 to 1,000's of Learners.

Choose the Plan That Best Suits Your Expected Number of Unique Learners.

An Easy-to-Use Learning Management System With Unlimited Access to ALL Courses.

With the option to use our easy-to-use UCT Learning Management System (LMS) platform you have ready unlimited* access to enrol your learners into ANY or ALL titles available in our library. It also includes any updates to existing courses, plus any new titles added during the year!

Our Unlimited Use Subscription Plans* represent excellent value. Choose the Plan that best suits your expected number of Unique Learners. A Unique Learner is a learner set as 'Active'. If an employee leaves, you simply change their status as ‘Inactive’, and they no longer count towards your Unique Learner limit. This is practical and handy when dealing with staff turnover. All data/history stored for ‘Inactive’ learners remains available - plus they can always be re-activated!

The other bonus is you have instant access to a range of handy features, such as reporting, auto-invite to enrolled learners, auto-personalised reports, auto-certificates, lesson & quiz time/score tracking... plus many other easy-to-use LMS features!

In addition to representing excellent value the extra benefits and features of the UCT LMS are many. It will also save much time managing learners, monitoring their progress, avoiding duplications, sending reminders, creating reports/records (excel, PDF or print) and providing certificates etc.

  • Unlimited usage for 12 months.
  • Number of unique learners can always be upgraded.
  • Each learner can do any number of different courses from our library.
  • Provides access to our entire library of courses, all updates maintained automatically – plus any new titles added during the year.
  • Includes support, plus training for those using the easy-to-use LMS Manager Account.
  • Has in-built help and tips with 'how-to' video clips.
  • Has a wide range of automated features and reporting tools to manage all learner activity.
    • Export any data for reporting – Excel, PDF or print.
    • Filtering & sorting when looking at summaries/reports.
    • Learners can download own certificates.
    • Personalised Learner Quiz report - auto emailed to learner and recorded as evidence.
    • Learners can continue to look at the course content for several months after passing a course!
    • One-click individual or bulk reminders auto-emailed – with count of how many reminders.
    • Learner status of each course they are enrolled into. Status, time, quiz score etc.
    • Auto password generation – plus ability for learner to get a new password (self-serve) if forgotten.
    • Stops accidentally enrolling learner into duplicate course if they have not completed previous enrolment.
    • Flag learners as Active or Inactive to manage learners no longer employed.
    • Option to categorise course enrolments into groups.
  • Plus the convenience of your OWN 2 special Document Libraries.
    • MAIN Document Library - You can add your own documents to the Main Document Library giving your users day-to-day access to items such as newsletters, forms, policy manuals and anything else you can think of!
    • COURSE/S Document Library - You can also associate your documents to specific courses as part of our eLearning courses. Users will see a special icon as part of 'that' specific UCT course you have enrolled them into. What you include is your choice and a great way to supplement the content of our eLearning courses.
  • Includes many more features and all VERY EASY to use!

* Terms and Conditions apply.

Our LMS Manager's Tutorial
Our LMS Learner's Tutorial

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Choose from 5 Export Formats

You can choose to access our courses using YOUR OWN Learning Management System (LMS). We can provide our courses in a range of common LMS formats.

If you have already invested in (and are familiar with) your current LMS then this option is a great choice. It also gives you portability if you decide to switch to a new LMS.

  • Access as few as 1 course title or ALL eLearning Course titles - your choice! 
  • Subscriptions are valid for 12 months & updates are provided as part of subscription. 
  • Export LMS Options - SCORM (1.2 or 2004), Experience API, AICC or CMI5. 
  • Option to include Personalised Learner Quiz report - auto emailed to learner. 
  • Option to have a copy of Learner Quiz report sent to a nominated manager/dept. 
  • Option to include your own logo inside courses you order - for additional fee.
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Just One Convenient Link!

Some of our clients don’t want to use any Learning Management System (LMS) at all. If you feel the same way this option is perfect for you!

The NO LMS version courses require no login or passwords - plus learners only need to visit a single link to access all the course titles you have ordered via a homepage created for you on our UCT website.

Learners simply enter their email address and name when completing a course. A quiz report is auto-emailed to them on each attempt with the option for a copy also sent to management.

  • Subscribe to as few as 1 course title or ALL eLearning Course titles - your choice!  
  • Subscriptions are valid for 12 months & updates are provided as part of subscription. 
  • No logins & passwords needed - just 1 convenient link to visit. 
  • Includes Personalised Learner Quiz report - each attempt auto emailed to learner.
  • Option to have copy of Learner Quiz report sent to a nominated manager/dept.
  • Option to include your own logo inside courses you order - for additional fee.
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$1,995 to Access ALL Titles

(12 months annual subscription)

Hurry- offer ends soon!!

Conduct Your Own In-House Training

You have the option to have access to our course titles to conduct your own in-house training. This gives you great flexibility and can be very cost-effective as a course delivery/presentation tool and resource.

The content and resources available can save staff who are required to conduct face-to-face training a considerable amount of time and cost developing their own content.

Trainers can move around the content freely rather than having to go through each topic in a specific order. Answers to quizzes are also shown. Just what trainers want with mix-and-match freedom!

  • Have access to as few as 1 course title or ALL eLearning Course titles - your choice! 
  • Subscriptions are valid for 12 months & updates are provided as part of subscription.
  • Excellent training resource ‘toolkit’ for trainers - with total flexibility.
  • Easily accessed online with one single convenient sign-in for all your trainers to share.
  • Can save you valuable time and cost compared to developing own content.
  • Can be run on a data projector, tablet, pc/mac or phone with internet access. 
  • Updates and new titles automatically added to Trainer’s Portal.
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1: DIY Trainer Course Kit - Conduct your own training at your workplace using our complete resource kit.
2: Face-To-Face Training - Book one of our experienced trainers.

With some eLearning course titles we also offer a comprehensive DIY Trainer Kit option. This allows you to conduct your own workplace training with access to everything you need - resources, 24/7 access to the DIY Trainer's version of matching eLearning course, videos, workbooks and facilitator Guide.

The 2 courses we currently offer the DIY Trainer Kit for are "De-escalation & Physical Disengagement" and "Transport Frail Aged & Those With Disability".

You also have the option to book* our experienced trainers to conduct face-to-face training at your workplace. As part of any face-to-face training package we also offer the option to use our eLearning courses. This may include inviting participants to complete a matching eLearning course as part of (or during) their training. The choice is yours!

  • Select here - to read more information about our De-escalation & Physical Disengagement course.
  • Select here - to read more information about our Transport Frail Aged & Those with Disability course.

* Face-to-face training is subject to availability, location & minimum attendee numbers.



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By request, employers are able to preview our eLearning courses before you decide to order. In addition to the eLearning purchase options, some titles have extra training resources & services available. These may include in-person face-to-face group training classes, workbooks and DIY Train-The-Trainer kits. 

Additionally, if you like the idea of using the 'OUR UCT LMS' Option it is FREE to create an Account!